Essential Fitness Tips

In this fast tracked life we are so busy that we overlook our body & its fitness, as a result we are exposed to many diseases.

Everyone needs to stay fit. It’s not that hard we can stay fit by being a little alert with our diet & some simple outdoor activities like fishing and camping can keep us fit. Here are some suggestions which will help you in keeping yourself fit.

  1. Proper Food & Diet: We all know that any fitness goal is linked to what we eat, so a proper diet is essential to keep yourself fit & healthy. Balance is the key to a healthy diet. People should include these in their daily diet.
  2. Fruits & green vegetables, a vital source of Vitamins & minerals
  3. Starchy foods such as bread, rice, potatoes etc, great source of fiber
  4. Meat, beans, eggs a good source of protein.
  5. Proper Sleep: A good sleep is what recuperate our body with the stress that we have put on to it the whole day. An 8-9 hours of sleep every night is required.
  6. Fishing : Fishing is an excellent exercise unless you’re always on a fishing kayak, walk through water and flinging flies or lures at fish for long times in a day is pretty good vigorous exercises.It will certainly help you to improve your health. So get ready with your best spinning reel and make s short trip for fishing every weekend.
  7. Drinking water: Drinking at least 8-ounce of water daily is required for proper functioning of the body.
  8. Exercise: In order to ensure a fit & healthy body a 30-45 mins of daily exercise is what we all need. The following simple exercises can benefit us
  9. Walking/Jogging
  10. Bicycling
  11. Dancing & Swimming
  12. Abdominal Crunches
  13. Squats.
  14. Tricep press
  15. Relaxation: We often carry our work at home and forget that after a whole day of stress we need some time to relax. So try to keep your work at workplace and spend time with your family & friends to relax.
  16. Yoga: A few mins dedicated towards Yoga can be beneficial for health & the body, which can re energies our mind, body & soul. Yoga as said an exercise of body and soul can benefit in numerous ways by re vitalizing the body & soul. Apart from this there are various other small things that can help us keep fit & healthy like
  17. Quitting Bad habits such as drinking too much alcohol, smoking, unsafe sex etc
  18. Regular check ups, to ensure that everything is fine.
  19. Reduce Stress, as excessive stress can cause digestive & other health related problems.
  20. Breakfast, lunch & dinner should be taken in proper time & not to be skipped.e. Replace high sugar foods with lower sugar – versions.
  21. Laugh it off- laughing boosts immune system & reduces stress.

Following these simple tips can let us have a fit and healthy body!