Essential Equipment For A Home Gym

If your house or apartment has the space, it can be worthwhile to invest in exercise kits. Working-out in your own home makes life a lot easier, but does require a greater degree of motivation. Here is a list of essential equipment for a home gym.

The number of exercises you can do with dumbbells is endless. These kits can be purchased right away and come in different weights. Look for hex shaped dumbbells as these offer the most comfortable work out. You can get the 3 to 5 sets of weights which are suitable for different exercises and strengths.

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Kettlebells are just like cannonballs with a handle. Most of the movements you can do with these are similar with dumbbells. This equipment is a worthwhile investment as it adds variety to your exercise routines. Look for kettlebells without a painted coating. Kettlebells add a cardio element to an intense strength workout and increase building coordination.

If you wish to make your exercise even more difficult, add suspension trainer to increase the challenge to your muscle core. Remember the greater the challenge, the greater gains you will have. A suspension trainer is the most portable device and has everything you need for a good workout.

According to the Trillium Fitness, personal trainers in Edinburgh, even though you are building your gym you should still work with a professional to get the best workout routines. A qualified personal trainer will ensure you are using the equipment properly, so minimising the risk of injury.

You can do lots of different moves with pull up bars. These basic gym bars are easily installed at home and are built for doorways and archways. Make sure you buy some resistance bands for extra assistance, though.

Lightweight and portable, rings are perfect devices for home gyms. Rings will add another level to bodyweight exercising and also give you the ability to vary your workouts. When you are looking for the ideal rings, get ones that are light in weight and easy to hang as well as cheap to buy.

A skipping rope is fun and may even remind you of your childhood. However, a jump rope is harder to master but it is a great cardio workout nevertheless. It improves your coordination in a major way, and if you are a beginner, it is best to get a tough and durable rope and practice your jumping skill in your backyard. A lightweight rope helps you work on speed and timing.

A medicine ball is another great tool for plyometric workouts and core strength moves. This is one of those essential purchases that you can use to throw, carry, or do abdominal movements. Look for a soft medicine ball that is neither too big nor small. If you cannot decide on the right size or weight, it is best to test out a few before buying one. A good medicine ball emphasises speed and power for weight training.

If you love jumping, there is nothing more fun than plyo boxes. These are great items for building strength and power. You can also use them for bench dips, squatting, and other usual workout routines. Depending on your DIY skill level, you may fancy building your own wooden boxes instead of buying them from your local hardware store. All you need to do is buy an irrigation box and use some simple tools to build your very own plyo box.

No home gym is complete without barbells. These are just like any other free weights but are much more effective than the machines you find in gyms. You can work on your stabilization and coordination skills with the help of a barbell. It is important to look for tough and sturdy barbells that are not too cheap or too expensive. If your hands are small, pay close attention to the diameter of the bar as it needs to be narrower and fit your hands perfectly.

Weight plates will help add some weight on the bar. You can buy a variety of weights starting from 2.5 kilos to 5 kilos, 10 kilos, and 25 kilos. If you are strong, go for 45 kilo plates. Remember to get rubber bumper plates especially if you are planning to practice your lifting.

With the above items added to your workouts, you can spend a little time on the internet looking for the best exercise routines. Even if you are unable to buy all the mentioned equipment, you can start buying one piece at a time and slowly build your own gym. If your budget is tight, check online directories that offer great deals on exercise tools. You may also check your local papers and junk sales to see if anyone is selling off their possessions for cheap. You can also search on eBay and gumtree to see what you can find online.

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Thanks to Trillium Fitness, Edinburgh