9 Foods to Fitness

The KEY to fitness is the everlasting, as the real fun is not in the destination but in the journey. The human being is the one who always want to improve and there is always a room for improvement whether you have six pack or you being overweight. But, to achieve your goal you must have 4 Things; Patience, Dedication, Discipline & a Plan to follow.So here is your plan. “Exercise Healthy, Eat Healthy, Sleep Healthy” We actually do this in our daily routine, but not as it has to. We do exercise, we do avoid taking lifts and escalators, we even sleep early. But the part where we are always lacking is our habit of using the most flexible muscle of the body “tongue”. Thus, following are the 9 types of food which leads you to coveted fitness;

  1. WATER Yes, you heard right, Water is the best and quickest source for replenishing the lost minerals and vitamins. And it helps the body do its respective function smoothly. +Drink Two glass of cold water in the morning for refreshing up the organs. +Add one spoon of honey in a glass of hot water daily for effective weight loss. +Dont drink water 45 mins before and after dinner or lunch for better digestion.
  2. OAT MEALS They are the fibrous material having carbohydrates required by the body for having proper digestion of food and maintaining the overall balance.
  3. SALADS Greener your food, healthier is your stomach. But avoid salads in the evenings and instead consume them in lunchtime.
  4. No to RED MEAT. yes, this one is hard to absorb but science are now proving that your’s favorite chicken wings are not healthy for your heart no matter how tasty they appear.
  5. SPROUTS The sprouted beans, pulses, and chicken pea are the ultimate sources of proteins and vitamins.
  6. MILK. If you are looking for to add some Calcium for your bones, then 1 glass of milk is a must for everyone.
  7. GO BANANAS ! Bananas are the ultimate fruit readily available in every part of the world. It has got the varying amount of qualities. They provide carbohydrates, calcium, proteins. At the same time, it contains a “Feel good compound which instantly cheers you up and its constituents are also used in treating depression.
  8. DRY FRUITS. You can have them at any time of the day while commuting while studying while working and even while watching movies. They will provide you the nutrients required whenever you have to skip your lunch or dinner due to the hectic schedule.
  9. APPLE. Yeah this one we all know, “An apple a day stays the doctor away”